The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections


Insufficient infrastructure is one of the challenges facing investigators in the field of clinical research. At the University of Louisville (UofL) Division of Infectious Diseases, we developed a multidisciplinary coordinating center with the aim to support investigators in all aspects of the clinical research process. The objective of this article is to describe the composition and the role of the different units of the UofL Clinical Research Coordinating Center. The different components of the Center can serve as a template for institutions interested in developing a clinical research support infrastructure.


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Figure 1 Manuscript 029. Clinical Research Studies.pdf (16 kB)
Figure 1. Common study designs in clinical research

Figure 2 Manuscript 029. Clinical Research Process.pdf (16 kB)
Figure 2. Steps in the Process of Clinical Research

Figure 3 Manuscript 029. Coordinating Center.pdf (164 kB)
Figure 3. Structure of the Clinical Research Coordinating Center

Figure 4 Manuscript 029. Data Quality Process.pdf (99 kB)
Figure 4. Data Quality Process



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