The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections

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Section(s) Topics

1–4 Introductions

5 “Spanish” influenza

6–9 Dr. Torres’ personal thoughts and experiences

10 COVID-19 hospitalizations in Barcelona

11 A threatening phone call

12–13 Origin of the CIBERESUCICOVID project

14 Baseline characteristics

15 Bloodwork at hospital admission; ICU admission vs. day 3

16 Treatments

17 Complications

18 Outcomes related to interventions

19 Viral RNA load in plasma associated with critical illness and dysregulated response

20 Follow-up with health care workers

21 Medical education

22 Conclusions

23–26 Interleukin 6

27–29 Ventilatory approach

30–33 Post-COVID syndrome

34–38 Impact on health care workers

39–41 Holidays and COVID-19 infection

42–43 New paradigm for medical education

44–45 Reducing travel for medical conferences

46–47 Improving treatment for COVID-19

48–53 Vaccination in Spain

54–57 Prioritizing clinical trials

58–65 COVID-19 as viral pneumonia

64–69 Thanks and sign-off


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