The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections

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Section(s) Topics

1–2 Introductions

3 Foundations of best practice

4 COVID-19 as stimulus for innovation

5 Adapting and evolving therapeutic approach

6 Age and comorbidities as risk factors

7 Over-capacity ICU

8 Adapting the ER for COVID-19

9 Training personnel for COVID-19

10 Psychological support, healthcare heroes, and COVID fatigue

11 Increased oxygen requirement

12–13 Milan’s multi-disciplinary unit

14 Standardizing respiratory support measures

15 Nutrition, sedation, and life support

16 CPAP successes and failures

17 Prone and lateral positioning of patients on CPAP

18 Different COVID-19 phenotypes?

19 Thromboembolism risk score, age, and comorbidities

20 Cardiorespiratory considerations: hypertension, echocardiography

21 Thrombosis and thromboembolism

22 Hypertension and anti-hyperintensive drugs

23 Inflammation and steroid therapies

24 Lung transplantation

25 Possible genetic risk factors

26 Dr. Blasi’s summary

27–28 Hypertension and COVID-19 pneumonia

29–30 Smoking, COPD, bronchiectasis, and cystic fibrosis

31–35 Pathophysiology of COVID-19; treatment with steroids

36–39 Lung transplantation in the Time of COVID

40–41 “COVID fatigue”

42–43 Vaccination

44–45 Thanks and sign-off


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