Journal of Wellness


Introduction: Welcome to Part 1 of the bi-annual Journal of Wellness review of 2020 wellness literature (January – June). In this review, JWellness editors continue the goal of bringing a cohesive awareness of recent publications within the wellness domain, encompassing wellness leaders from all disciplines in healthcare. We provide insight into unique perspectives and new science published outside of JWellness, dealing with burnout prevention and wellness initiative implementation.

Methods: PubMed was searched for empirical research studies, review articles, and editorials using keywords such as “wellness,” “well-being,” “burnout” and “healthcare professionals.” We have included 26 articles in this review.

Literature in Review: Similar themes emerged in the recent literature, and wellness inquiry continues to receive heightened attention. We have divided this review into the following sections: studies measuring wellness in healthcare providers, pieces on burnout and leadership, studies focusing on interventions to improve wellness, key perspectives on improving wellness, and COVID-19 and provider wellness.

Conclusions: Wellness research continues to evolve, with new studies specifically providing for increased awareness on relationships between wellness behaviors, burnout, leadership styles, and positive mindset. We learn more about effective interventions to alleviate both mental and physical wellness deficits: mindfulness, coaching, and training sessions. COVID-19 has and will continue to be a focus of wellness research, specifically on healthcare providers who are positioned at the center of the pandemic.





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