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Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) are a group of over 40 different types that use both GABAergic and Glycenergic inhibition. There are four different types of Glycine receptors (GlyRs) known as GlyRα1, GlyRα2, GlyRα3, and GlyRα4 (Sanes & Masland, 2015; C. Zhang & McCall, 2012). Electrophysiological data has supported the theory that the RGC cell type On-Off directionally selective (ooDS) cells express both GlyRα4 and GlyRα2. If ooDS cells do express only GlyRα4 and GlyRα2, an immunohistochemical analysis of these cells should support this theory. By comparing the expression of GlyRα4 and GlyRα2 in Glra4-/- , Glra2-/- Glra4-/- , and Glra2-/- the expression we can support or weaken the findings made by previous electrophysiological data. Comparing cell images of colocalized dendrites and GlyRα4 or GlyRα2 in an original and randomized orientation can determine if an immunohistochemical analysis confirms the presence of GlyRα4 and GlyRα2 on ooDS RGCs. Our findings confirmed that both GlyRα4 and GlyRα2 are expressed on ooDS RGCs.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Neuroscience; Ophthalmology; Vision; Glycine receptors; OoDS; Retinal ganglion cells


Neuroscience and Neurobiology

Glycine inhibition on-off directionally selective retinal ganglion cells.