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Since 2011, UofL’s Resilient Families Project (RFP) has offered programs at Wayside Christian Mission’s Hotel Louisville to promote evidence-based habits of resilience, mindfulness and happiness in families experiencing homelessness and women in drug and alcohol recovery. RFP’s mission involves growing healthy attachment relations across the lifespan and a sense of community/belonging and purpose. Family/interactive reading and carefully chosen children’s storybooks are the platform for programs that take place Thursdays nearly year-round and typically serve approximately 100 community members. Despite RFP programs having been put on hold through the COVID-19 pandemic, as RFP interns we worked to assess/evaluate programs and develop/refine activities and plans for our return. These efforts included: (1) various training and professional development activities (e.g., trauma-informed care, self-compassion/self-care, diversity/equity/inclusion), (2) attending meetings with the Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services, (3) conducting evaluations and content analysis of children’s storybooks, and (4) program planning/development templates for a full calendar year. Work moving forward includes continuing to evaluate the program and training materials, proposing new content, creating new media outlets, recruiting volunteers, and conducting training for incoming volunteers.

Publication Date

Spring 4-16-2021


Resilient, Families, RFP, Resilient Families Project, Risk, Resilience, Homelessness, Program Planning and Development, Content Analysis


Community Psychology | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

RFP Program Perseveres: Continuing Efforts for Resilient Families & Communities Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic