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Summer 8-12-2021


Student Research Opportunities Program


Cognitive reflection is the propensity to reflect on one’s intuitions. 1 Some people are more likely than others to engage in cognitive reflection. This tendency can be measured with the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT). 2

Cognitive reflection appears to be an important individual difference factor. For example, lower CRT performance has been linked to greater belief in conspiracy theories 3 and greater social conservatism. 4 Hence, it is important to test whether reflection can be induced among people who do not spontaneously engage in it.

The present research will also test whether cognitive reflection is related to yea yeaing . Yea yeaing is a form of cognitive inconsistency where one agrees with two contradictory statements. 5 Yea yeaing has been linked to authoritarianism 5 and may support prejudicial thinking. 6

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