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Fall 2020


Student Research Opportunities Program


Most language inequality for infants begins very early in their development. For most, this disparity develops prior to 36 months (Farkus & Baron, 2000).

• Significant disparities in vocabulary size between socioeconomic status (SES) were evident by 18 months. By 24 months, there was a 6 month age gap (Fernald et al, 2011).

• 65% of low SES preschoolers in head start programs had clinically significant language delays (Ramey and Ramey, 2004)

• Maternal education is a known indicator of SES and is correlated with language input for infants (Dollaghan et al. 1999).

• At 18 months, most infants experience “word spurts” and an increase in expressive vocabulary (Reznick & Goldfield, 1992).

Research Question: Are SES (maternal education) and expressive vocabulary related in Kentucky families during the COVID pandemic?

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