Cardinal Compositions

Cardinal Compositions

Volume 7 (2023) Cardinal Compositions

A Note from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I want to, first, thank you for choosing to read Cardinal Compositions, Volume 7. Our editors put hard work into the issue, cultivating essays, visuals, and assignment sheets during the spring semester of 2023.

These submissions are the very best from the University of Louisville's Composition Department. The idea of this journal is for undergraduate students to celebrate their accomplishments and for instructors to show off their most productive assignments from ENGL 101 and 102.

We also want to thank Hevin Ramsey for the magnificent cover art. We have incredible students and teachers here at U of L, and we hope this issue can spotlight some of the best of the best.

Please enjoy the issue. Instructors use the assignments for your upcoming classes, and students, please submit your best work next year.

Until then, our editors thank our supportive department and welcome our readers to read the 2022-23 issue of Cardinal Compositions.

Thank you,
Taylor Riley Geiser



Ayana Fairweather


Because of Them
Paige Santise

Assignment Sheets


ENGL 102 Assignment Sheet
Michael Benjamin