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Editor-in-Chief: Commonwealth Policy Institute
Sponsor: Department Chair, University of Louisville Department of Political Science

The Commonwealth Policy Papers are a publication outlet for commentary & state-level public policy solutions. These papers, including short briefs & commentary, draft bills, and white papers, are developed by the statewide Commonwealth Policy Institute (CPI) think tank. These publications are housed under CPI, published and globally indexed from the University of Louisville's Institutional Repository in partnership with the Dept. Political Science.

CPI's mission is to enact the future of the commonwealth, for the commonwealth -- by serving policymakers through the creation of new tailored solutions to overcome challenges and seize new opportunity across Kentucky. Through it's principal members on the advisory board we are also open to serving businesses across the state, along with our university chapter network. Our publications here forming the Commonwealth Policy Papers were all developed through the work of our chapters and board as a public service, and are freely offered to the public.

Publications in CPP include short briefs, direct bill drafts for introduction, as well as white and green papers. CPP details the work of the think-tank which revolves around state government, also looking for new solutions at local and metro level and from an annual Congressional summit. Although this publication primarily deals with issues faced in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, certain policies may be universal and relevant to other states and commonwealths across the United States. For this reason, the CPI Think-Tank may advertise the Commonwealth Policy Papers to committees of other state governments and also to federal policy offices, in addition to the general public. See our readership this quarter: https://dashboard.bepress.com/?dashboardToken=654801d6c0f3e70785a11f08hP0hgUq93v1WCZLsZkK2cMK7N3P91c0enFOj7JDJ

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