Commonwealth Policy Papers

Aims & Scope

The Commonwealth Policy Papers welcome submissions of short briefs, draft bills, and policy white papers. Short briefs are to be less than 10 pages, providing an adequate introduction & summary of the issue addressed, overview of methodology or evidence relied upon pointing towards a public policy solution, and explanation of said solution. There is no page limit for draft bills, or white papers. The page count for white papers is expected to be tolerable by a reader in the field of submission, to the extent that the white paper may be relied upon as a more-comprehensive information source on the issue and solution discussed.

Submissions are produced from CPI members or Senior Fellows serving on the board.

Those seeking to provide a submissions outside of the CPI should include a short cover letter, not to exceed 1 page, explaining the submitters experience in the field and knowledge of the issue, and contact the CPI board at cpiky.org@gmail.com. Those who submit to CPI accept that solutions described must be nonpartisan and practical, and that CPI reserves the right to advocate for any solutions that it publishes and that it publishes with open access.