Commonwealth Policy Papers


This draft legislation was first authored by Commonwealth Policy Coalition Associates Samuel Kessler and Austin Gabhart in 2018, and is now published in 2022 to provide a method of creating improved Agricultural Net Metering and Power Purchase Agreements for agriculture-based energy developments. Shortly after this time, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed similar legislation directly dealing with renewable Net Metering and eventually Power Purchase Agreements in an agricultural context. Those especially in states which do not have Renewable Energy Portfolios which may or may not entail concerns with those portfolios and stakeholders in the nonrenewable industry are urged to consider implementation of this legislation to specifically target net metering and improved power purchasing from an agricultural context. This bill draft is crafted such that, with implementation of new technologies, overhead costs of electricity in agricultural settings can be mitigating this improving financial and actual security of agriculture in the state of policy implementation such as the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This document is free for public use and the use of any legislative body.