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A Need to Increase Access to Medicare-funded Physician Residency Slots


This Congressional Brief from CPI builds on workforce development areas addressed by the Center for Health Disparities, and addresses the need to increase access to Medicare-funded physician residency slots Suggestions to federal policymakers are the following: Congress should encourage CMS to exclude geographically urban hospitals reclassified under Section 1886(d)(8)e of the Social Security Act from qualifying for the “greater than 50 percent rural training” requirement of a new Rural Track programs under Section 127 of the CAA 2021; Urban hospitals should, however, be able to fully participate in such programs as an urban partner of a rural hospital if the program is separately accredited; Over the remaining years of distribution, Congress should encourage CMS to prioritize outreach to rural hospitals on this opportunity to apply for residency slots; The fourth eligibility category under Section 126, should be expanded by CMS to refer to both geographic HPSAs and population HPSAs.