Christy Roe

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Doctoral Paper

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Baker, Leann

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Barton, Sharon

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t-piece resuscitator; Neo-Tee®; nurse education; neonatal resuscitation


Background: The t-piece resuscitator (TPR) is a device that provides respiratory support for neonates that has been shown to be safe and effective when used correctly. A recurring competency assessment for the TPR does not exist at the intervention site except for the biyearly Neonatal Resuscitation Program® checkoff. Nurses who are not competent and confident with the use of the t-piece resuscitator run the risk of not using it correctly when resuscitating a neonate and potentially causing harm. Methods: The Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice was used for this quality improvement project. A literature review was conducted to identify proper use of the TPR and educational methods for nurses. Interventions: Baseline preassessment knowledge and comfort level with use of the TPR, followed by education that included a video demonstration on how to use the equipment. Results: Four week post-education, the assessment was administered again for post-assessment scores. Overall, the scores on the post-assessment were higher than the pre-assessment on areas of comfort level and number of correct answers. Additionally, there was a highly significant difference in pre- and post-assessment answers related to number of questions answered correctly. Conclusion: Identification and implementation of an educational intervention was successful to improve use of the t-piece resuscitator, although overall comfort level was not improved. The retention of knowledge is reassuring and will likely lead to improved use of the TPR.

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