Lauren Topp

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Doctoral Paper

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Williams-Coleman, Beverly

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Staten, Ruth

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Quality of Life (QoL); cancer support community; EROTC QLQ 30; participant satisfaction; mind-body therapy


Purpose: The purpose of this EBP project was to evaluate program processes and outcomes of an established cancer support community yoga program for persons impacted by cancer and explore the impact of the program on quality of life (QoL) in persons with cancer.

Design: This project was a quality improvement project with a pre-test/post-test design. QoL was explored through the EROTC QLQ C30 questionnaire. Descriptive and explorative methods were conducted through a survey of participants’ satisfaction with the yoga program. Feedback for future improvements around QoL services were provided.

Methods: Members of Gilda’s Club (440 persons) received an email invitation from the organization and the project director to participate in evaluation of the yoga program. A link was provided to a website that included project descriptions along with instructions to proceed to project electronic surveys. All participants completed an electronic survey of demographics. There were two components to the project: 1) the impact of yoga on quality of life and 2) a satisfaction of program evaluation. Persons with cancer were offered the opportunity to participate in 6-weeks of yoga evaluation on quality of life with a pre-test/post-test EROTC QLQ C30. An email with a second link was sent to all participants at the end of the observation period. All participants were asked to complete the yoga program satisfaction electronic survey.

Results: There was no significant difference in the EROTC QLQ C30 pretest and posttest; Most participants indicated satisfaction with instructors and class flow. Participants also perceived improvement in QoL, fatigue, depression, anxiety and were overall satisfied with their QoL. Participants indicated that had no difficulty with online yoga and would like to have an option for virtual and in-person yoga.

Conclusion: Continued education and research around mind-body therapies is important to offer to the cancer community to aid in their overall QoL Findings and recommendations for improvement were presented and submitted for review to the agency.

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