Lilly Giang

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Doctoral Paper

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Shumaker, Shannon

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McRae, Emily

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rounding tool; interdisciplinary rounds; extubation; staff perception; length of stay; duration of mechanical ventilation


Purpose: Prolonged duration of mechanical ventilation and endotracheal tube intubation are associated with longer length of stay and increases risk for infection by about 3% per day when mechanically ventilated (Mirzarahimi et al., 2020). Evidence suggests that the use of a rounding tool during interdisciplinary rounds improves clinical outcomes, reduce duration of mechanical ventilation, and decrease length of stay in the PICU. The aim of the project was to measure registered nurses and PICU providers perception of the extubation prompts and determine if the extubation prompts decrease duration of mechanical ventilation and length of stay. Methods: After extensive review of the literature, extubation prompts were developed and added to the current PICU rounding tool utilized in a 20-bed PICU. A pre- and post- survey was utilized to measure PICU providers and nurses of extubation prompts. Duration of mechanical ventilation was collected through the Virtual Pediatric System before and after extubation prompts. Qualitative data were evaluated to understand the meaning of the prompts. Results: In the survey for nurses, one question was statistically significant (4.103 vs. 4.1, p < 0.005). Qualitative themes that emerged highlighted improvement in communication between interdisciplinary team and created a “team-focused” decision-making. Conclusion: Utilizing extubation prompts during interdisciplinary round with a rounding tool has the potential to decrease duration of mechanical ventilation and length of stay in the PICU. As well as, improving communication and collaboration between nurses and providers.

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