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Hayden, Dedra

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Riff, Diane

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mHealth; Latinx adults; Hyperlipidemia; Cardiovascular disease; patient follow-up


Background: Management of hyperlipidemia (HLD) is crucial to the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease cardiovascular disease (CVD), a leading cause of death in the United States (US) and Latinx adults (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2019). The main difficulty affecting monitoring of lipid levels in patients diagnosed with HLD is lack of adherence to follow-up appointments.

Purpose: The purpose of this Quality Improvement (QI) project is to evaluate the impact of culturally competent translated short message service (SMS) texts to increase adherence follow-up on a Latinx population served at the Kentucky Racing Services Health Center (KRSHC).

Intervention: This project utilized the rapid plan, do, study, act (PDSA) cycle for quality improvement to evaluate the impact of culturally competent SMS texts appointment reminders. A retrospective review identified patients requiring intervention. Rate of change and two proportion z test was used to calculate follow-up rates and statistical significance between pre- and post-intervention groups.

Results: Although not statistically significant, the rate of change was 2.7%. More than 50% of patients in both groups were male. Gender assigned at birth and age distribution were similar between both groups.

Discussion: SMS text reminders are a quick and cost-effective method to communicate with Latinx patients. mHealth as a form of communication may prove to be a more effective means of communication as the population becomes more familiar with it.

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