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Doctoral Paper

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DeLetter, Mary

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Ross, Ratchneewan

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Patient Education; Surgical Recovery; Multimodal Intervention; Patient Satisfaction.


Background: Effective patient education promotes successful postoperative outcomes. Nurses in an outpatient surgery center lacked consistent patient education practices and materials.

Purpose: The purpose of the project was to implement an evidence-based multimodal educational strategy for patients who undergo breast implant surgeries.

Methods: At an outpatient plastic surgery center, pre- and post-intervention phone calls were tracked; post-intervention education, documentation, and patient satisfaction data were recorded. Nurses were educated on the new materials, delivery procedures, and electronic health record (EHR) documentation. All patients undergoing breast implant surgery received multimodal education at each postoperative appointment. Outcomes included (1) the number of patient phone calls for additional postoperative education; (2) EHR documentation; and (3) patient satisfaction with educational content and delivery (Quality of Discharge Teaching Scale).

Intervention: At postoperative visits, nurses provided verbal and written education and QR code access to an online video and educational resources. Nurses documented the educational encounters in the newly established EHR patient education checklist.

Results: Patient phone calls improved by 28%. On a scale of 1-10, patients reported high levels of satisfaction with educational content (8.86 ± 1.42) and delivery (9.48 ± 1.07). Nurses’ documentation of education provided improved by 178%.

Discussion: Nurses educated nearly 100% of patients and had 100% EHF documentation. Patients demonstrated a greater understanding of their postoperative self-care and expectations, with fewer phone calls. Patients reported a high level of satisfaction with educational content and delivery. The patient teaching is now incorporated into all breast surgery postoperative care.

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