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Doctoral Paper

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Shumaker, Shannon

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Robertson, Sara

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dysphagia screening; stroke; deglutition disorders; improvement interventions; nurse self-efficacy; problem-based learning


Background: Dysphagia screening is a critical aspect in the care of patients experiencing acute stroke and dysphagia may often determine life or death following a stroke event. Inconsistent nurse dysphagia assessment and documentation were identified in the Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit project organization.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to explore the impact of an educational program on stroke nurse dysphagia screening and nursing self-efficacy in the ICU.

Methods: Fifteen nurses completed a modified General Self-Efficacy Scale survey which measured nurse perceptions of change in their own self-efficacy to perform dysphagia screenings; dysphagia screening rates and rates of dysphagia diagnoses were also obtained.

Intervention: An educational workshop was provided to ICU nurses on the organization dysphagia screening protocol including a digital case-based scenario to achieve increased nurse learning and improve nurse self-efficacy.

Results: Paired t-tests determined that general nursing self-efficacy to perform and document dysphagia screenings improved post-intervention. During the 8-week project, more nurse bedside dysphagia screenings were performed, and more patients were identified with dysphagia post-project.

Discussion: This project demonstrated that dysphagia screening in the ICU improves identification of dysphagia and improves nurse self-efficacy to screen for dysphagia.

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