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Doctoral Paper

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Becky Christian

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Barbara Polivka

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Advance Practice Nursing; Nurse Practitioner; Pediatric Nurse Practitioner; Leadership; Council; Organizational Structure; Organizational Leadership.


Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) continue to grow in numbers in the inpatient hospital setting, as well as within children’s hospitals and subspecialty groups. As the number of APRNs continues to increase, thoughtful consideration within organizations is needed to address leadership specific to this population of healthcare professionals. The goal of this quality improvement initiative was to generate quantitative data to determine if the formation of a Pediatric Advance Practice Nursing Council in a children’s hospital was successful in improving APRN communication, collegiality, and networking. However, the formation of our APRN council was significantly impacted by a multitude of barriers. While the quantitative data were less available than desired the qualitative data, the process of creating formal leadership for APRNs is highly valuable providing guidance to avoid potential barriers. This manuscript outlines the current state of APRN leadership as reported in current literature with evidence supporting the importance of an APRN leadership council in a children’s hospital. Additionally, this program implementation project will serve as a blueprint for healthcare professionals interested in creating formal leadership specific to APRNs within their institution. Moreover, this project contributes to the growing information in healthcare related to APRN leadership.

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