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Doctoral Paper

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Kim Meyer

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Sara Robertson

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sepsis bundle, compliance, sepsis compliance, critical care, surviving sepsis, sepsis guidelines, quality improvement, ICU


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to determine the effect of an educational intervention delivered to ICU nursing staff and providers on sepsis bundle compliance and mastery of the bundle metrics.

Methods: This study included a sepsis educational program that utilized a pre-and post-education survey to determine mastery of the sepsis bundle metrics. Retrospective data of the Sepsis 5-piece composite scores were collected and compared.

Results: 86 ICU nurses (71.6% of the nursing staff) participated in the educational intervention and the surveys. The mean survey score pre-intervention was 73.5%, and 100% post-intervention. Sepsis 5-piece composite score means increased from 83.4% pre-education to 92.2% post-education indicating an increase in compliance (p = <.006).

Conclusion: An updated evidence-based educational intervention in the ICU increases sepsis bundle compliance. There was a statistically significant increase in bundle compliance and survey scores post-education intervention (p=

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