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Doctoral Paper

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Mary DeLetter

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Sara Robertson

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Hispanic, Latino, Herbal supplements, quality care, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, educational intervention


Background: Latino population health care practices are rich in heritage and deeply rooted in ideas and traditions (CDC, 2008). Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), specifically herbal supplement use, is widely practiced among this population. Literature suggests that there is a significant gap in provider-patient communication regarding herbal supplement use (Malika et al., 2017).

Aims: The purpose of this project was to assess commonly used herbal supplements or vitamins and implement a population-specific education for providers in a primary care clinic predominantly serving Latino patients. The project aim was to increase provider assessment and documentation of herbal supplement and vitamin use among the Latino population at the clinic.

Methods: Retrospective chart reviews pre and post intervention took place to determine herbal supplement screening. Twenty-seven Latino clinic patients were interviewed as part of the intervention development. The interview responses were transcribed and the ten most commonly used herbal supplements were identified. The educational intervention consisted of two components: (a) a ten-minute oral presentation for providers on herbal supplement use, and (b) laminated handouts identifying common Latino supplements, side effects, metabolic pathway, interactions and contraindications, which were placed in all clinic exam rooms.

Results: Two-thirds (66%) of the interviewed patient population reported presently or previously using herbal supplements or vitamins. Following the education, providers self-reported their frequency for assessing supplement use to be a mean of 2.8/4. Prior to the intervention, a random review of 50 records showed no supplement assessments; following the intervention, 30% of the 50 charts contained supplement assessments.

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