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Doctoral Paper

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Robertson, Sara

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Williams Coleman, Beverly

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safe storage laws, child access law, health policy, firearms, gun safety


Ensuring the safe storage of firearms in the home is a research-supported method of reducing the incidence of firearm injury and death, specifically unintentional injury and self-harm in the pediatric population. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping all firearms stored locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition. While evidence shows that implementing laws regulating the storage of firearms can be effective to reduce morbidity and mortality, the state of Kentucky currently has no such regulations. For this DNP project, John Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Framework was used as a guideline for policy analysis with the intention of identifying opportunities to advocate for legislative action on this issue (2003). A 4-part intervention including participation in the legislative process and grassroots advocacy efforts was completed, as well as partnering with a legislator to introduce new legislation. House Bill 292 “An act Relating to Gun Safety for Children” was introduced in the 2022 Kentucky legislative session. Although this bill did not pass into legislation, advocacy efforts were effective in spreading awareness of the issue to make conditions more favorable for future legislation in Kentucky.

Keywords: safe storage laws, child access law, health policy, firearms, gun safety

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