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Doctoral Paper

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Katharine Adelstein

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Mary-Beth Coty

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new-graduate; registered nurse; emergency department; communication; job satisfaction; TeamSTEPPS


Problem Statement: New-graduate nurses (NGNs) are experiencing job dissatisfaction related to low communication confidence leading to high turnover rates and avoidance behaviors.

Purpose: To improve communication confidence and job satisfaction in NGNs through a nurse-led education session on emergency department (ED) communication techniques.

Methods: One online class lasting ~60 minutes was provided to educate NGNs on standardized emergency communication techniques. A pre-test post-test design was used with evaluations occurring before the education, immediately after, and 30 days later.

Results: Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the sample makeup. The Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to calculate significant changes in communication knowledge, confidence, and job satisfaction. Communication education led to a significant increase in communication knowledge (p = .027). No significant differences were found for job satisfaction and professional confidence. Correlations were noted between job satisfaction and mutual support and confidence.

Implications for Practice: The TeamSTEPPS modules should be used as a means of educating NGNs in the ED to improve their professional confidence and job satisfaction. These modules should involve unit leadership, role-play activities, and real-life scenarios for that unit.

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