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Clark, Paul

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DeLetter, Mary

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medical emergency team; patient care team; hospital rapid response team; neonatal intensive care; resuscitation; communication



Background: The functioning of neonatal delivery teams can be affected by technical and non-technical skills of individual team members. The team in this project was challenged by varying knowledge and skill levels and did not have a standardized process for debriefing resuscitation events. The literature shows that debriefings can aid in improving knowledge, skills, teamwork, and communication of resuscitation teams.

Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project was to implement a scripted, post-resuscitation debriefing with the neonatal delivery team to improve non-technical skills of the resuscitation team and identify challenges to providing optimal care.

Method: Scripted, post-resuscitation debriefings were implemented following deliveries of infants that met inclusion criteria. Team members completed Team Emergency Assessment Measure (TEAM) surveys following qualifying resuscitations before and after the intervention period. During the seven-week intervention period, facilitators conducted debriefings and completed debriefing guides that aided in identifying strengths and areas for improvement for the team.

Findings: Debriefings were completed following just over half of qualifying delivery room resuscitations. Through completed debriefing guides, team strengths and areas for improvement were identified. Guides also provided a consistent way to communicate items requiring follow up. TEAM survey scores did not improve in the post-intervention period. Follow-up surveys revealed benefits of debriefings and a desire by team members to continue the practice.

MeSH terms: medical emergency team, patient care team, hospital rapid response team, neonatal intensive care, resuscitation, communication, evidence-based practice

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