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Doctoral Paper

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Schirmer, Sarah.

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Clark, Rudy.

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Trauma-informed Adoption; Rural School-systems; ARTIC-10



Background: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that occur from birth to adulthood and have shown to be significant in increasing the risk for both physical and psychological anomalies (Felitti et al., 1998). ACEs are not siloed to poor communities but were observed in 67% of adults throughout 25 US states (Felitti et al., 1998). Despite the significance found in the literature, few preventative measures are being implemented to protect against these experiences.

Setting: The project seeks to address mental health disparities associated with rural-underserved populations. The school system participating in the project is a rural community school located in the Midwest of the United States. This school provides education to all levels K-12, and 47% of the students are considered poor.

Purpose: The purpose of this quality improvement project is to address the knowledge gap about trauma for educators and assess their attitudes towards becoming a trauma-informed organization.

Procedures: Participants in the project were provided with a trauma-informed educational model about the impacts of childhood trauma and participate in skill building activities on trauma-informed care.

Measures: Outcomes measured in this project are based on pre/post test scores. The first measurement of knowledge increase was measured using interventions evaluation quiz. The measurement of attitudes towards change were assessed using the Attitudes Related to Trauma-informed Care (ARTIC-ED 10). The final measurement evaluated the participant satisfaction with the intervention.

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