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Hardin-Fanning, Frances

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Aleshire, Mollie

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Cardiovascular disease; motivational interviewing; determinants of health; underserved



Background: Cardiovascular disease is responsible for half a million deaths per year in the United States. Both the state of Kentucky and city of Louisville have statistics of the presence of cardiovascular disease that are higher than the national average.

Setting: This project took place at Have a Heart Clinic in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to decrease CVD risk factors in Louisville’s underserved neighborhoods.

Procedures: A random sampling of patients attended the free CVD health screening. Cardiometrics were obtained and the information was inputted to the American College of Cardiology’s free atherosclerotic CVD online risk calculator. Patients identified as intermediate or high risk attended a motivational interviewing session, utilizing the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 steps to induce health change behaviors.

Measures: Participants’ CVD risk score

Results: A summative evaluation was unable to be performed due to a lack of patient follow-up data. Patient’s demographic data along with a formative evaluation is discussed.

Discussion: The key finding of the study was low patient retention.

Keywords: Cardiovascular disease, motivational interviewing, determinants of health, underserved

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