Andrea Gibson

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Doctoral Paper

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Hardin-Fanning, Frances

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Witt, Cheryl

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social conditions; food assistance; United States Department of Agriculture; evidence-based nursing


As a household-level economic and social condition defined by limited or uncertain access to inadequate food, food insecurity serves as a health threat. Food security impacts health by increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and several cancers (WHO, 2005). Expansion of the two-item food insecurity screening to a six-item short-form (USDA 6- SF) screening in primary care has the potential to identify and categorize households into three categories of food security, high/marginal, low, or very low. By differentiating food insecurity categories, clients received more appropriate referrals to services aimed at improving food security. During a recent expansion from a two-item screen to the USDA 6-SF, there was an increase of 54 clients who received additional food resources.

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