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Doctoral Paper

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Nash, Whitney

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Robertson, Sara

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education; Hepatitis A; vaccinations


Louisville, KY was affected by a significant outbreak of Hepatitis A in 2017-2018. Kentucky consisted of one-third of the national deaths. The outbreak influenced not only human mortality but had an economic impact on the food service industry. Many restaurants were affected, and some were forced to close due to Hepatitis A outbreaks. To address this issues, a two-step educational process was designed for management to gain understanding of hepatitis A content. The first step was to survey staff (kitchen staff, waiters/waitress, busier, etc.) to determine the compliance rate and variables that influence the compliance rate for vaccination of Hepatitis A. Next, I developed an educational program that was designed after surveying staff and management regarding Hepatitis A knowledge reinforcing the importance of appropriate cleaning, symptom identification and vaccination. A paired t-test was performed on the pre- and post-knowledge scores of management of hepatitis A content that was covered during the educational program. The results show that knowledge scores increased after the educational program was completed. Compliance of multiple series vaccination was also assessed and showed a several barriers to prohibiting the completion of the vaccination series. Completion of the educational program of staff was approximately 50%, while management completion was approximately 27%.

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