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Master's Thesis

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Railroads--Kentucky--History; Kentucky--History--Civil War; 1861-1865


In studying and teaching history, I have been convinced that the transportation facilities of a country have helped or hindered its political, industrial and commercial development. In this thesis, I have endeavored to show the value of the railroads of Kentucky during the political conflict known as the Civil War. I have consulted a number of historical records and have tried to select from them, the most convincing proofs. Articles consulted are listed in the bibliography at the close. This thesis was prepared in connection with a seminar course at the University of Louisville, on “Kentucky during the Civil War.” “The Louisville and Nashville Railroad, 1861-1865,” by Dr. R. S. Cotterill, discusses very carefully the history of the Louisville and Nashville during the War. Therefore, I have not discussed that road in this thesis.