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Master's Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Mohsen, J. P.


Ground penetrating radar


A significant amount of effort has been put in developing tools to interpret Ground Penetrating Radar signals obtained during surveys. Currently, skilled and experienced users do most of GPR image interpretation. They use experience in deciphering what the GPR signals represent. A successful survey will not only depend on the choice of antenna used, but also on the operating parameters used for the survey. This study aims at providing a library of GPR images taken from known targets with known parameters. The targets include a set of different sizes of steel rebars. The library of GPR images is developed using known targets set in a sand box. Sand has proven to have the same properties as Portland cement concrete in response to GPR signals. The sand box simulates a concrete slab; it is used for ease of placement of different targets with various configurations. The developed library of GPR images will be used for training of GPR users and comparison studies of GPR operating parameters. In the future these images can be used for a pattern recognition algorithm development, or any other theoretical study pertaining to GPR image interpretation.