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Master's Thesis

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Humanities, MA

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St. Clair, Robert N.

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Ferre, John

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Ferre, John

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Stenger, Mary Ann

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Cinema; Science fiction; Heroic journey; Quest story; Star Wars; Mythology


Star Wars films--History and criticism; Myth in motion pictures; Lucas, George, 1944-


The Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful film series of all time. The original three movies, along with the more recent three prequels, serve as the foundation to a vast empire of Star Wars television shows, action figures, comic books, and novels. Millions of people have already been exposed to these films, and millions more will be exposed to it in the future. With such a vast amount of people which continue to view these movies, it is easy to understand the impact Star Wars has had on our culture. But how did creator George Lucas sculpt this franchise? What were his influences when he created Star Wars? Researching this question by looking at the underlying structures led me understand the connections between literature, history, philosophy, and even mythology. This thesis shows the connections inherent in Star Wars and reveals why these movies are the way they are.