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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.



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Sahoo, Prasanna K.

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Brown, David

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Brown, David

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Gill, Ryan

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Powers, Robert

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Riedel, Thomas


Functional equations


Let G be an abelian group, C be the _eld of complex numbers, _ 2 G be any _xed, nonzero element and _ : G ! G be an involution. In Chapter 2, we determine the general solution f; g : G ! C of the functional equation f(x + _y + _) + g(x + y + _) = 2f(x)f(y) for all x; y 2 G. Let G be an arbitrary group, z0 be any _xed, nonzero element in the center Z(G) of the group G, and _ : G ! G be an involution. The main goals of Chapter 3 are to study the functional equations f(x_yz0) ?? f(xyz0) = 2f(x)f(y) and f(x_yz0) + f(xyz0) = 2f(x)f(y) for all x; y 2 G and some _xed element z0 in the center Z(G) of the group G. In Chapter 4, we consider some properties of the general solution to f(xy)f(x_y) = f(x)2 ?? f(y)2. We also _nd the solution to this equation when G is a 2-divisible, perfect group. We end the chapter by discussing the periodicity of the solutions to both the sine functional equation and the sine inequality.

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