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Master's Thesis

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Skinner, Jeffrey T.

Author's Keywords

Poetry; Sexuality; Gender; Food


Domestic relations in literature; Interpersonal relations in literature


The poems in this collection seek to explore and highlight connections between the familiar domestic realm (often seen in depictions of food preparation and consumption, social events, or material possessions) and shifting, sometimes ambiguous relationships between people. Gender, in particular, is examined, exaggerated, and/or de constructed to underscore the author's ongoing interest in the ways in which expected male and female roles are constructed and performed within personal interactions. The poems here exhibit a variety of different tones, ranging from darkly comic to contemplative, from joyous to solemn. The author believes it possible for poems to possess both comedic and serious elements, for simple language to convey complex meaning, and for elaborate language to make a celebration out of the ordinary. In other words, poetry has the potential to use contradiction to create meaningful effect.