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Master's Thesis

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Furr, LeRoy Allen, 1955-

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Cynicism--Kentucky--Louisville; Public opinion--Kentucky--Louisville; Metropolitan government--Kentucky--Louisville


The government's ability to gain and hold a high proportion of citizens' trust is essential to the functioning of an efficient and successful administration at the federal, state, and local levels. This thesis is a quantitative study aimed at finding possible explanations for differences in levels of political cynicism. One possible explanation, right-wing authoritarianism (RWA), is the subject of this study. Furthermore, the study aims to link the variables to the 2000 Louisville-Jefferson County merger. The data for this study were collected from 802 respondents residing in the Metro Louisville area using a random technique via the 2004 Louisville Metro Survey. Analyses of the data were done both statistically and spatially in order to determine significant relationships and the possible existence of residential segregation. The findings show that there is a relationship between the variables, which allows for the conclusion that RWA levels are a reliable predictor of political cynicism.