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Master's Thesis

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Political Science

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Rhodebeck, Laurie

Author's Keywords

Democratization; Georgia; Post-Soviet; Kyrgyzstan; Ukraine; Color revolutions


Former Soviet republics--Politics and government; Youth movements--Former Soviet republics; Georgia (Republic)--Politics and government--1991-; Kyrgyzstan--Politics and government--1991-; Ukraine--Politics and government--1991-


In 1991, as democratic ideals spread through the former Soviet sphere, newly independent nations and satellite countries began engaging in the truly challenging, albeit hopeful task of dual state- and democracy-building endeavors. After twenty years of growth and change, democracy in the Commonwealth of Independent states remains tenuous. My research examines the levels of democracy in the region while assessing the electoral revolutions experienced there in the early 2000s. I employed a two-part approach, using aggregate-level data for a regional overview of democratic scores and a qualitative comparative case study evaluating the Rose, Orange and Tulip Revolutions as well as their influential youth movements. The findings reveal inconsistencies in the "success or failure" paradigm that has dominated scholarly research assessing electoral revolutions as well as democratization literature more broadly.