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Master's Thesis

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Masters, M. Gay

Author's Keywords

Empower parents; Speech pathology; Homework; Speech and language; School


Parents of children with disabilities; Speech therapy for children


The study was completed to determine if parents' feelings of empowerment is improved after viewing a video. The video was designed to assist parents in determining appropriate time(s) to complete speech and language therapy homework. Parents from the JCPS, who had children in speech therapy, were recruited through a recruitment packet distributed by the school SLP. Parents were to complete 3 questionnaires, each two weeks apart, on regarding homework. Parents were asked to view a video at the end of the first and second questionnaire. Twenty-four percent, of the SLPs initially agreed to participate. It is known that 4 schools failed to distribute the recruitment letters. No initial questionnaires were completed. One person completed and two people partially completed the second questionnaire. No parent viewed the video. No data was obtained to answer the research question. Implications of this study's failure to obtain data are in the discussion section.