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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Begley, John P.

Author's Keywords

Folk art; Museum registration methods; Museum


Art museums--Collection management; Rowling, Charles, 1935-2008; Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft


This Curatorial project examines issues that museums face in the documentation of permanent collections, using the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (KMAC) and its piece Angel, by Charles Rolwing, as specific examples. The project focuses on museum accession policy, with discussion of works from smaller collections, similar to KMAC, and from larger museums. Specifically, objects are accepted into the collection through acquisition or accession, the former referring to all donated objects accepted by the museum and the latter referring to objects accepted into the permanent collection. A proposed collection policy for KMAC is discussed, including the procedure by which objects are accepted into the collection, and the different ways KMAC could determine its policy for the future. The discussion of accession policy leads to my personal involvement in KMAC and the organization of the permanent collection. The catalogue and accession numbering process implemented by many museums is discussed, demonstrating how these standards can be incorporated in the proposed catalogue for KMAC. Lastly, Charles Rolwing’s life as an artist is explored, illuminating the importance of thorough research before fully accessioning objects into the permanent collection of the museum.