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Master's Thesis

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Gagne, Patricia L.

Author's Keywords

Parallel cinema; Middle cinema; New Wave cinema; Satyajit Ray; Globalization; Women-centric Bollywood


Women in motion pictures--India; Motion pictures--India


My study examines women-centric cinema in India that are in Hindi. In these films women have revolted against the injustice. The content analysis of the movies (parallel and middle) focuses on representation of women-centered issues. The Parallel Cinema is serious and artistic in its representation, mainly attracting the elites, whereas, and the middle cinema is a cross between the commercial and parallel cinema, and is meant for the masses. This study compares and contrasts both types of cinema. The main implication of this thesis was that representation of women in such films encourages social change in the treatment of women in Indian society, which is very male-dominated and patriarchal, by showing women as emotionally and economically independent. Therefore, by acknowledging the open-secrets like domestic violence, abuse etc., it brings these problems upfront, by allowing women to talk about it in public.