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Ice cream, ices, etc.--Health aspects; Children--Nutrition


Much work has been done in the past on the nutritional value in young life of different dairy products, all of which experiments have been carried to successful completion by various men at different times. There is, however, no published information demonstrating the comparative values resulting from experimental work in the nutritional value of ice cream as a supplementary diet in infant life. For the purpose of the following experiments, the albino rat, (Mus Norvegicus Albinus) and the Norway rat, (Mus Nor vegicus), together with Guinea Pigs and cats were used. It is a well-known fact that rats exhibit the same sensitivity to surrounding conditions to which they are subjected as does man, and likewise that they respond, to these conditions in a like manner. They are, therefore, ideal subjects for nutritional experimentation. The life of the Albino Rat and the Norway is three and four years respectively, while the average old-age possibilities of man is approximately ninety years. The body composition and the composition of the kidney secretion of the rate are exact in percentage to that of man. Therefore, multiplying the results of these experiments will give the results to be gained for man. It is the purpose of this paper to show the relative nutritional value of ice cream in young life, as demonstrated by simultaneous experiments.