Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

M. Eng.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair

McIntyre, Michael L.

Author's Keywords

Vehicle to grid (V2G); Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV); Power electronic interface (PEI); Household emergency generator; Toyota Prius


Electric power production; Electric power failures; Hybrid electric vehicles


Electric vehicles are quickly becoming one of the most rapidly growing technologies of this age. With their acceleration to prominence, the concept of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) becomes much more common as well. V2G is normally used as a supplement to the power grid to shave peak load levels, as a spinning reserve, or as a supplement to renewable energy sources. These vehicles can provide many advantages to consumers and power grid operators while also benefitting the environment. This paper explores an additional application where V2G could be of great benefit. This situation is the use of a V2G capable car to provide backup electricity generating capacity to an average American-style home (in terms of power consumption). This objective is completed in coordination with the IEEE 1547 Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems. A 2007 Toyota Prius retrofitted to function as a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle is used as a baseline. The output of the system is designated to be a single phase 240 Vrms 60 Hz signal that would connect to the house grid. All steps in designing and simulating the interface are performed as well as selection of components including gate drive support systems.