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Jemian, Rebecca

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Ponce, Manuel M. (Manuel Mari´a), 1882-1948. Sonata roma´ntica--Analysis, appreciation; Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828--Works--Analysis, appreciation; Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828--Influence; Harmony--19th century


Within early twentieth-century guitar repertoire, Manuel María Ponce’s Sonata Romántica distinguishes itself in both quality and historical significance. The manifestation of Franz Schubert’s compositional idioms within this work exhibits Ponce’s intense understanding of Romantic harmonic and formal treatment, in addition to his imitative compositional ability. The main aim of this document is to discover the specific ways in which Ponce emulates Schubert by incorporating comparative and Schenkerian analyses. This investigation examines Ponce’s treatment of harmonic, motivic and formal structures to reveal the unique aesthetic qualities that distinguish the piece as a guitar sonata in the manner of Schubert. In particular, an examination of the Sonata Romántica suggests a possible chronological organization that reflects Schubert’s evolution of musical forms and genres. An analysis of the collaborative efforts between guitarist Andrés Segovia and Ponce reveals the possible motivations to the Sonata Romántica’s conception, including the choice to emulate Schubert.