Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Health and Sport Sciences

Committee Chair

Hambrick, Marion E.

Author's Keywords

Self-efficacy; Sport confidence; Athlete efficacy; Athlete confidence; Student-athlete efficacy


Self-efficacy; Sports--Psychological aspects; Athletes--Psychology


The purpose of this study is to understand Bandura‘s (1977) self-efficacy and Vealey‘s (1986) sport confidence implications on intercollegiate athletics and to explore gender and experience level differences related to self-efficacy in intercollegiate athletes. The study attempted to fill two major gaps in previous research, i.e., relationships of gender and playing experience on self-efficacy, specifically by analyzing a variety of sports, expanding upon previous research studies, as well as increasing the generalizability and external validity of the existing self-efficacy theories. The results of the study indicated that student-athletes have high levels of self-efficacy, which supported the first hypothesis; next, that males possessed higher levels than females, which supported the second hypothesis; and finally, that experience levels were not statistically significant in the resulting levels of self-efficacy, which did not support the final hypothesis.