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Master's Thesis

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Department of Ancient Languages


Terence. Hecyra; Latin drama (Comedy)


In submitting this thesis, the writer does not pretend to have made even an approximation of exhaustive study of the Hecyra: this thesis is merely a study of the play from certain viewpoints which also make no claim to completeness. No originality is claimed for the discussion of Terence and of the Hecyra. The rest of the thesis has a fair claim to originality in that it’s the product of the writer’s research, aided of course by various comments and notes. The translation is especially indebted to the Latin paraphrase in the Delphin Classics and to various notes and synonyms in the editions of Terence in the Bibliotheca Classica Latina and in the Delphin Classics. An English translation was consulted in only two or three instances, and then it was not followed as lavishly. The writer can say that he has enjoyed the plot and the language of the play even though some have said that the Hecyra has the least merit of any of Terence’ s plays. In fact the play means more to him than any of the other plays of Terence with which he is acquainted. Of course this would be the natural result of more diligent study. The writer wishes to express his gratitude to Professor Andrew P. Dustin of the University for his aid and encouragement thruout an undergraduate and graduate course in Latin where there have been many vicissitudes. With the above as a forward this thesis is respectfully submitted to the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Louisville.