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Sociology, Rural


This treatise is not intended to cover the whole field of Rural Sociology. It deals briefly with the more important phases of the subject. Perchance many important problems have been omitted which the reader will call to mind. This will go to show that the reader is thinking about the subject, and will be led to consider further the welfare of the rural population. The Science of Rural Sociology is rather new in consideration, but the oldest of all sciences in practice. The original inhabitants of this world were ruralists, and necessarily social conditions sprang up with them which needed their attention. Although it was not a complex situation, yet it was the beginning of Rural Sociology. This discussion does not include the "exceptions," either one way or the other, but it aims to consider the average situation, and suggest possible remedies. These suggestions may not meet with the approval of the reader. I would be surprised if they all did coincide with his views. Each person has a right to his views, and I would not try to suppress his views, but on the other hand, it will be a pleasure to the author if these pages should stimulate any to original constructive thinking and endeavor along rural sociological lines. Before launching upon the partially known seas of rural sociological investigation, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the farmers who responded so readily, and especially to my Professor who has shown such interest in this discussion.