Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

M.A., M.P.A.


Fine Arts

Committee Chair

Begley, John P.

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Koven, Steven G.

Author's Keywords

Public art; Community engagement; Louisville Public Art Master Plan; P.A.I.N.T.


Public art--Kentucky--Louisville; Public art--Social aspects--Kentucky--Louisville; Political participation--Kentucky--Louisville


Public art encompasses countless forms, serves many purposes and is constantly evolving. Engaging the community is one way public art has developed new forms and purposes. Involving the community allows residents to contribute to the creative process of an artwork and assume ownership of a project. This thesis explores the role of public art in engaging the community through the examination of the public art program Producing Art In Neighborhoods Together (P.A.I.N.T.) administered by Center For Neighborhoods, a nonprofit organization in Louisville, Kentucky. By analyzing feedback from involved artists and neighborhoods, this thesis examines the impact the P.A.I.N.T. Program has had on its participating stakeholders with an emphasis on how the program engages the community and provides a model for future public art programs developed according to the guidelines of Louisville's Public Art Master Plan.