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Master's Thesis

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Aldikacti Marshall, Gul M.

Author's Keywords

Mobilization; Resource mobilization; Human trafficking; Social movements


Non-governmental organizations; Organizational effectiveness; Human trafficking


This thesis is an archival document analysis that will illustrate the importance of effective use of resources on the overall success of an anti-human trafficking organization. While there are multiple studies on resource mobilization and movements in general, little work has emerged regarding successful mobilization strategies in the anti-human trafficking movement. With my research, I pay particular attention to two groups and consider how their interactions with various resources influence their success. Comparing a more successful organization to a less successful organization provides the best assessment of a social movement and the process by which it meets its objectives. Results demonstrate that successful organizations are able to take advantage of available resources and that no matter how compelling the cause may be, without proper mobilization of resources the social movement organizations cannot attain success.