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Master's Thesis

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Department (Legacy)

Department of Justice Administration

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McCord, Eric Steven

Author's Keywords

Crime symbiosis; Alcohol outlet; Park; Concentrated disadvantage; Park environ; Off-site


Alcoholism and crime; Parks; Liquor laws; Drinking of alcoholic beverages--Social aspects


Recent criminological research has shown the importance of place, as places create the opportunities required for crime to occur. This study tests for the presence of crime symbiosis, or the interactive relationship between alcohol outlets and nearby neighborhood parks. A growing body of criminological literature has identified both neighborhood parks and alcohol outlets as criminogenic land uses. The study examines the counts of off-site and on-site alcohol outlets within 500 and 1,000 feet of neighborhood park environs as predictors of violent crime in park environs. Measures of concentrated disadvantage are included in the analyses to determine if factors of the larger neighborhood influence the variations in violent crime in the park environs. The study finds support for the proposed symbiotic relationship between off-site alcohol outlets neighborhood park environs, but not on-site outlets. The measures of concentrated disadvantage were also found non-significant at these places.