Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name



Fine Arts

Committee Chair

Burns, Richard Todd

Author's Keywords

Ibrida; hybrid; heterosis; entomology; arthropod; hybrid vigor


Ceramic sculpture--Kentucky--Louisville--Exhibitions


This thesis is a study of my current body of work, both formally and conceptually. It begins with an Introduction, explaining the origin of the term hybrid and the distinct advantages as well as disadvantages hybridization has on a species. It also discusses the effects incurred by the environment on plants and humans. Chapter II, A Curious Collection of Biomorphic Forms, provides an overview of the concepts and interplay between the surface treatments of the forms and their sculpted interior elements and how certain forms reveal, while other forms hide themselves from the viewer. It also confers the motivations behind the work in relation to botany, entomology, anatomy and human traits. Chapter III, Process and Material, describes the production techniques used in the work, including choice of clay, building techniques, glazes and firing temperatures. It also explains the surface treatments as they pertain to the overall form and feeling of certain pieces. Chapter IV, Influences, explores some of the artistic, historic and scientific influences in the use of natural forms and highlights some of the sources of inspiration for my work.