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Master's Thesis

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Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

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McCabe, Steven J.


Osteoporosis in women--Prevention; Osteoporosis--Treatment; Hip joint--Fractures--Prevention


Low-trauma fractures of older women are a major public health burden. Fractures of the hip and spine are some of the primary causes of chronic pain, functional impairment, and disability among the elderly [1]. The underlying cause of these fractures is osteoporosis. Although the disease is common, only a small proportion (15%-20%) of women at risk currently receive preventative treatment [2]. We have focused our attention to white postmenopausal women who have sustained a fracture of the distal radius. We developed a Markov model using probabilities obtained from recent literature in order to evaluated the effects of three hypothetical interventions targeted towards women after presenting with a wrist fracture. We analyzed this model using Monte Carlo simulations. Our results indicate that if an intervention can be developed for this population, then mean survival can be increased and the number of subsequent hip fractures can be decreased.